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[RL] Fighting for New Orleans

2 years.

That’s how long it’s taken our country to forget about New Orleans and the 9th Ward. To erase from our minds what happened when Hurricane Katrina with all its force took down a city so rich in culture and full of history and made it a swamp. In a heartbeat, thousands of people were left homeless. With some kind of luck, the Hurricane didn’t take the lives of as many feared.

Earlier tonight Chris Penn posted a little map on his blog showing how the 9th Ward looks now. How little progress that has been made is shocking.

People have forgotten, Americans have forgotten what it was like to watch people standing on their roofs waiting for rescue. To hear the stories and see the horrifying evidence that our country was a failure at meeting the needs of its citizens in a major city during a crisis that was *anticipated*.

When are we going to learn? When are Americans going to learn to stop being refocused by the media, to stop forgetting about things that have scarred our hearts and start fighting for answers?

Has anyone noticed that Katrina isn’t even a major issue for Presidential candidates? No one is asking questions. Take a look at Hillary Clinton‘s website. See, there, under issues? Nothing on Katrina. Go visit Barack Obama‘s website. Issues? Katrina? Nope. But the #2 thing? Strengthing American ties overseas. Hm. Could it be that showing other countries that we care about our own might help that?

What if several organizations got together and invaded New Orleans at the same time? What if we together brought the media to New Orleans around election time? What if they couldn’t ignore the questions anymore a month to two weeks before the election?

Are you willing to help? How?

Podcamp New Orleans.

Since the mention of Podcamp New Orleans I’ve been excited that sometime soon in the future my community will choose to make a difference. We’ll stand in New Orleans and get the stories that should be told and make sure that they are heard. We can only do this *together*.

I’m tired of no answers. I’m tired of inaction. I suspect people in the 9th Ward are more tired than any of us.

Instead of being tired, I’m going to take action. A friend told me a few weeks ago that many people are willing to stand up but sometimes not as many are willing to take action to make something happen. I want to take action. I want to make a difference during Podcamp New Orleans. I want YOU to make a difference, too. I want you to consider that your time and effort could affect a huge change in one person’s life by the time that weekend is over.

I know my community can stand up, question is, are you willing to take action?