Better known as Chel, than Michelle, I write as both Michelle Wolverton and Chel Pixie here on Pixie Dust and Tantrums. I hesitate to define myself as a blogger and prefer the term writer instead. 3/4 Southern Belle I grew up in a very small town and not content to stay there I’ve since explored several cities across the US. I love waking up to the sound of ambulances and coffee on every corner. These things inspire me.

I am also inspired by independent music and Matthew Ebel. As a fan and project lead, I partnered with Christopher Penn to release an authorized fan bootleg of some of his live shows called Virtual Hot Wings ( http://www.virtualhotwings.com ). Not content for it to be a CD that provides income for a starving independent musician, Christopher and I are coming up with ways to improve and add to the content on Virtual Hot Wings for a fan membership. In the meantime, I’ve started http://www.matthewebel.net, a fan site to help the fans of Matthew to not only learn more about him, but form a street team to spread the word of Matthew.

I am well known as Chel Pixie in Second Life. I hold the position there as Events Coordinator for SL Brand, a Second Life company that specializes in building and avatar creation. As an assistant to Yxes Delacroix, I plan and execute events on Los Arboles. If you have an event or several you would like help with email me at chel.pixie at gmail dot com.

Featured in the following media:

Accident Hash #234 

crayonville’s Press Release for Virtual Hot Wings

Yahoo Business



SecondLifeNotes Interview with Christopher Penn and Matthew Ebel

Matthew Ebel on the release of Virtual Hot Wings

C.C. Chapman’s Reality Bitchslap

Chillin’ with Anji Bee



Amazon.com’s Jeff Barr

Rich Desoto’s Second Life Blog


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