[RL] 100 comments

Chris Brogan wrote a blog post asking to start a community driven conversation in his blog comments.  When those useful comments reach 100, then there will be a new topic.

The first question is

Why does some video content grab viewers by the throat, compel them to watch
and then suck their mouse towards the bookmark/email/blog about link?

How do we get us some of that mojo for our productions?

Mine ended in my own question:

However, there is no one answer, each person is grabbed by something different. So, who do you want to attract?

Go over to his blog at http://grasshopperfactory.com and be a part of the conversation.


2 responses to “[RL] 100 comments

  1. i answered you. see comment 58. people who are trying to sell me something generally fail to have compelling content. why? because they care about what they want to sell me, not the content.

    if the content is OF the product they want to sell, and it’s a good product, and it’s a well done presentation, then i will be interested. if they are just trying to hook me in by being cool with some unrelated crap, forget it. it means they don’t have a clue.

  2. There are some good shows out there right now on ustream and blogtv.com of people who don’t want to sell you something but rather entertain you. Those people are attempting to provide you with compelling content because they want to perform or being noticed.

    What Mitch was doing wasn’t attempting to sell you something. He was making a point that he is passionate about, something that he thinks that everyone needs to hear. Personal Branding.

    You can watch the video here: http://www.rcc.ryerson.ca/pcto2007day1/rcc361s01.mov

    You tell me.

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