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[RL] definition of a pixie

I think I need to introduce myself.

Hi. I’m Michelle Wolverton. Also known as Chel Pixie. Now that you know my name, let me tell you who I am.

I came to the web to find community outside of the small sleepy Arkansas town I lived in. To that end, I joined Memespace (the old version on Caucus), which was founded by Christopher Abraham. Memespace held a lot of interesting people who inspired each other. I was a host there for a period of time before the Caucus version closed it’s doors and moved.

From there, I found my way to Howard Rheingold’s Brainstorms. I’ve been a member of this virtual community since 1999. Here I learned to communicate better online, to voice my opinions to a group of people and hosted two or three conferences. I was also editor of The Brainstorms Scoop for a time before several projects refocused by attention.

During this time, I also majored in Paralegal Studies at Kaplan University. I am member of Lambda Epsilon Chi honor society. I love reading and writing legal documents and doing legal research for cases. Family law is most interesting to me though Contracts is a close second.

Last year, I discovered Second Life. My avatar’s name is Chel Pixie. I am events planner/coordinator for SL Brand. I am a Second Life Relay for Life team member. I love events and people and live music. I love planning events and creating an environment for people to have a good time. Second Life is a great platform for live music, several musicians that I’ve had the opportunity to hear are Rich Desoto, Cylindrian, Uncle Seth, Jaycatt Nico, Kurt Bestor, and Louis Volare.

I discovered podcasting through Bucket and went on to add a list of podcasts that I’ve found interesting and inspiring. I am contemplating my own and working on a project that is inspired by podsafe music. I am looking forward to PodCamp Boston2 to learn more from people who are willing to hand you their knowledge and inspire you to use it.

Professionally, I’m working with my partner and mentor Christopher Penn as Project Lead and Marketing with Virtual Hot Wings. Virtual Hot Wings is a digital CD of tunes from Matthew Ebel‘s Second Life tour. Many people have asked why are you talking about this musician at great length? Are you getting paid for this? And er, some other not really repeatable suggestions. Isn’t enough that I believe in someone enough to give them my energy and time?

I am spreading the word about Matthew because his music is more than just another album released. Each song tells a story and I relate to each story. His music inspires me every morning when I wake to do better, to do more, to make my effort on something that matters. He’s very gracious and for the record has never asked for anything of me. I’m fueled by my own desire to help him and others.

My desire, my goal isn’t only to reach people about Matthew Ebel or Anji Bee but to make them pay attention to the issues in the music industry and to help them discover why indie music is so important. Imagine shutting down the RIAA because the public takes their listening habits in their own hands and makes the decision to listen to independent and podsafe music. There is a community available that I have joined that can help make that happen.

I am the pixie behind WickedPixieMedia is new media music label. It is representative of the musicians and the music that I promote and support, using new media to reach out to others about independent music. Then to encourage others to discover independent music, to encourage them to realize that it’s only with a community that a change can begin.

I am the student of new media and using it to market an idea or thought or presence that seems interesting to me and that I think other’s will find interesting. Ideas that can expand the community and its knowledge. I love learning how to apply these skills to reach people. In the past, I’ve managed an office, been an assistant to 2 CEOs, a receptionist and then later a legal assistant.

Who I am has changed in the last couple months. My mind has been opened to what I can achieve and how. I’ve found confidence that I didn’t have before in my ability to make a difference. A little instruction and an open door can go a long way in bringing out the best in people and inspire them to great lengths (thanks ninja).

I think I’ve summarized in a few sentences what’s next and in more than a few who I am. That’s changing because we grow and change on a daily basis. Want to find out more about how to open the doors? Just click on that contact me button at the top of the page, I love conversation.


[RL] 100 comments

Chris Brogan wrote a blog post asking to start a community driven conversation in his blog comments.  When those useful comments reach 100, then there will be a new topic.

The first question is

Why does some video content grab viewers by the throat, compel them to watch
and then suck their mouse towards the bookmark/email/blog about link?

How do we get us some of that mojo for our productions?

Mine ended in my own question:

However, there is no one answer, each person is grabbed by something different. So, who do you want to attract?

Go over to his blog at and be a part of the conversation.

[RL] the joke that is called our legal system…

Note: Just for reference, those of you who do not know, I am a legal assistant so this type of thing draws my attention.

This morning I woke to this article regarding a judge ruling that a bin Laden tape could be played to the Padilla jury. The problem is that defense for Padilla says that there’s no evidence he even *saw* the tape. Yet the judge ruled that the jury could view it and make a decision about Padilla’s life based on that viewing.

The jury was “warned” that the tape had nothing to do with Septemeber 11th, but that day is emotionally charged and linked to bin Laden. A tape of that man clearly sends out a signal, intentional or not. There is no proof that Padilla viewed it. The prosecutors office admits that freely, they only claim the other two defendants have seen the tape.

The US legal system should not be used as revenge. The US is sinking to the level of that of a bully on the playground. The enemy combatant status and this ruling are step one and two of getting down to that level.

It only hurts our country in the end if we change our rules so much that we come to accept this obvious violation of our justice system. Wanting to put a terrorist behind bars is admirable but it should fail if the best case that the prosecutors have is that this video was viewed by co-defendants.

Do we really want to become so jaded over 9/11 that we change our rules of engagement? That we change what is supposed to be the fundamental values of our country? I’m not saying that Padilla shouldn’t be punished for what he *did* do.

In the coming months we can look forward to reports of the defense asking for a mistrial, they may not receive it from this court. Any tape of bin Laden is going to be emotional for a jury of American people and yes influencing the jury with something like this is *wrong*. Hopefully a higher court will point out the mistake and grant the mistrial and force our legal system back on track. Retrying Padilla and retrying him using the legal system the way that it is meant to be used.

[SL] photos of Raglan Shire concert

Usual fans with a few new ones gathered to enjoy Hali’s music today at the Raglan Shire sim in SL. The Raglan Shire is where you will find places like Extrovirtual and Wynx plus the sweetest people like Zayn and Tasia. Raglan is the place to go if you want to be a furry, want a cute pet or tiny avie to wear. Yes, I’m biased, they created Hali’s avie!

We enjoyed the tunes and Hali sent chills through the crowd with a rendition of Hallelujah. Here’s some photos from the show…

closeup Hali @ Raglan Shire 6/16/07

Hali @ Raglan Shire 6/16/07

Hali and Chel Pixie

PS – apparently wordpress’s photo uploader hates me. I cannot get it to use thumbnails, the links are to this evenings photos.

[SL] Pajama Bucket Party and Nowhereville Concert series

Last night I attended the Bucket Pajama party!  There’s a party every Friday night at Nowhereville.  Just IM Madison Carnot for a limo to the party or you can always IM me and I’ll be happy to teleport you.

Today Nowhereville Concert series continues with redzone.   Trippy electronica sounds are coming from my speakers as I write this and I’m looking forward to hearing redzone life this afternoon at 1 PM SLT.  You won’t want to miss this event! Click here to teleport!

[SL] Playboy comes to Second Life, chel pixie’s rezday

Tuesday, Mr. Hali Heron rocked Playboy’s Second Life Launch party, with 80 people in attendance at one point during the evening. It just happened to fall on my Second Life rez day! I found myself gracing Hali’s piano as an accessory for the evening.

chel swoons on hali’s piano

Nothing like watching a bird in Hef pajamas play a piano in Second Life.

After Hali’s performance was over, I enjoyed dancing with miss anjibee. If you haven’t yet, check out her website and the chillcast, unwind with anjibee and her vidcast, Chillin’ with anjibee at h.

[photo credit to Ed Roberts / Ed Radio]

[RL] 8 things about me meme…

Karen, aka mrsb, tagged me earlier today for 8 things about me meme. I’ll name 8 things that you might not know about me and then pass the meme on to 8 people.

1. My first kiss was from the cutest guy in my class and happened in the woods while we were hiking.

2. I write short stories and essays.

3. I can cook a catfish dinner for a crowd of people and learned to do this as a kid when my dad’s fire department had fish fries for the department and their families.

4. I hate deep water unless I’m swimming or boating in it.

5. I cannot stand mayo and use sour cream in my chicken salad.

6. I am the oldest grandchild.

7. I received a letter with a picture (of him playing the sax) from Bill Clinton when he was still governor.

8. My high school graduating class had 12 people.

Now I tag:

Matthew, Kroosh, Daphne, Crap, Polensky, Anji, Andy, and CC