why you should support independent musicians reason # 386

Virtual Hot Wings has been a fantastic project and if I haven’t said it loudly enough; working with Christopher Penn, Matthew Ebel, C.C. Chapman, Crap Mariner, and Dedric Muriac; has been an amazing experience. That experience was celebrated yesterday during a concert by Matthew in Second Life.

ME playing @ Virtual Hot Wings Release

During the concert, I received some IMs regarding the CD and the concept. One of the IMs was from a guy and what he had to say touched a nerve. The conversation (with names omitted) went like this:

[11:53] Random Guy: oh which CD?
[11:53] Chel Pixie: virtual hot wings
[11:56] Random Guy: ah didn’t even read most of the web page, it’s a cap of some Concerts in SL?
[11:57] Chel Pixie: it’s cuts of the concerts and then the concerts
[11:57] Chel Pixie: as well
[11:57] Chel Pixie: 7 hours
[11:58] Random Guy: ah I get beer and coffee
[11:58] Random Guy: the streams I can cap myselfe 🙂

He was wearing a fan tag above his head, enjoying the music, and it wasn’t the first time he’d been to a concert.

Yes, you can capture and record the future streams yourself. Think about it this way, if you couldn’t access the artist in the same way, if you had to purchase a CD in order to hear the music that you loved, then you would do so. No questions, no second guessing. You would be supporting that artist in doing so the only way you could. Supporting Matthew is one purpose of this project.

There is no money that gets sent to iTunes, there’s no money that CD Baby eats up, it’s all 100% to feed that bird who sang and played his heart out to his fans several nights in Second Life. This CD isn’t just a few tunes cut and slapped down to download, it’s over 7 hours of music.

If you don’t like Matthew’s music, I can understand not making the purchase. Not making the purchase because you can capture future streams yourself, that’s not supporting the artist who you claim to be a fan of.


One response to “why you should support independent musicians reason # 386

  1. Wow Michelle. This post is phenomenal. You are absolutely right. One could record ANY of our (musicians that stream online) shows and have your very own copies. But how does that support us if you simply take what we give without doing anything to help the music grow and help new fans hear us?
    Virtual Hot Wings is a terrific package of music and more for $20. And it helps support the musician so that he can continue to do what he does best — Entertain others. Taking Matthews shows (which he does state is okay) is one way to be a fan for the music, but what does it do for him?
    In today’s world of DRM, corporate glut, and the inability for even the “chart-toppers” to make a true, reportable income, it is refreshing to know that the fans really can make a difference and that the artists are truly being rewarded for their effort.
    “Random Guy” doesn’t see the whole picture. But that doesn’t surprise me. There’s a lot of “taking” in today’s society. There often seems to be little “giving back of one’s self.” People often seem to say “give it to me because ‘I’ deserve it.”
    Thanks for being a giver, Chel… you are appreciated.

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