bumping foreheads

Tonight we celebrated one grama’s 70th birthday! I had a great time cooking with my stepmom, grilling with dad and wrangling 7 kids while doing so.  My grama turning 70 is amazing. She doesn’t look anywhere near it though the age is showing on her face. She’s an amazing woman and I wanted to shout out a Happy Birthday to her!

One of the most precious moments tonight came when my little brother (little being not really accurate seeing as he’s at least 6’2 and I’m 5’3 and 14 years apart) and I plus the rest of the grandkids got together for my grama to take a photo of us. And this big guy what does he do to his big sister? He bumps foreheads. I don’t remember why we started that or when. Others hug (well we do too) but he and I bump foreheads.

I love that kid.


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