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Introducing Latte…

chel and latte

This week, I’ve had multiple changes happening in Second Life. I have a new temporary home on Los Arboles. And I have a new kitten! Latte was born on May 29, 2007 at 5:49 SLT. Latte is Siamese and likes me to carry her around as you can see above. She meows hello to everyone she meets and is very friendly. The rumors are true, Latte *is* named after Latte Days and Porter Nights.

Very soon I will have a new home on Edloe Island. Yes, I’m scared of Crap. Yes, I love him too. I’m confident that he’ll make an excellent island owner. And yes he’s threatened me with bodily harm if I don’t live on the island. So I’ll have a new home once he’s up and running. Across from Nowhereville and Woodbridge and diagonally across from Los Arboles.

On Saturday evening, last I was interviewed by Chill Moskung along with Matthew and Christopher Penn. What does the birdie think of Virtual Hot Wings and a new album? Find out here!

Events! Matthew will be playing tomorrow at Raglan Shire Tree Stage in SL. If you somehow, someway, do not know who Matthew equals while reading this blog, then you should immediately go to or visit Virtual Hot Wings!

Tomorrow night Bucket Beach will have their Friday event! Sports Bash at 6 PM SLT @ Beyond the Pail bar / casino. IM Madison Carnot or me for a teleport.

The rest of the weekend I’m likely to be catching up with people that I’ve been missing lately.  If you’d like to hang out, just IM me!


Memorial Day

Kevin and Taylor

Today is a special day in the U.S. It is a time not only to reflect on sacrifices made by our military from the birth of the United States to the present day. As I listen to the Memorial Day edition of Financial Aid Podcast, here are my reflections.

I am grateful for the sacrifices made by our military. For some of us, Memorial Day touches our lives on a more personal level. In my family, we visit the graves of those who we’ve loved and lost.

On a crystal clear day in Dec. 1998, two vehicles were racing around a curve into a small sleepy town that our family lived in at the time. One of those vehicles crossed the center line and met my brother’s car head on. He was killed instantly in the accident. And in that instant, my family changed dramatically.

Today, I grieve the most for my brother. Losing the person that you grew up with changes your perspective on life. For me, it also changed my perspective on faith. Something I still am struggling with today.

The biggest question that still exists for me is if I had acted differently that day, called out to him as he got into the car, made him talk to me for a couple of more minutes as I had been tempted to do, would he still be alive right now. While over time, the answer to that question seems less important, on days like today it is on my mind and in my heart.

why you should support independent musicians reason # 386

Virtual Hot Wings has been a fantastic project and if I haven’t said it loudly enough; working with Christopher Penn, Matthew Ebel, C.C. Chapman, Crap Mariner, and Dedric Muriac; has been an amazing experience. That experience was celebrated yesterday during a concert by Matthew in Second Life.

ME playing @ Virtual Hot Wings Release

During the concert, I received some IMs regarding the CD and the concept. One of the IMs was from a guy and what he had to say touched a nerve. The conversation (with names omitted) went like this:

[11:53] Random Guy: oh which CD?
[11:53] Chel Pixie: virtual hot wings
[11:56] Random Guy: ah didn’t even read most of the web page, it’s a cap of some Concerts in SL?
[11:57] Chel Pixie: it’s cuts of the concerts and then the concerts
[11:57] Chel Pixie: as well
[11:57] Chel Pixie: 7 hours
[11:58] Random Guy: ah I get beer and coffee
[11:58] Random Guy: the streams I can cap myselfe 🙂

He was wearing a fan tag above his head, enjoying the music, and it wasn’t the first time he’d been to a concert.

Yes, you can capture and record the future streams yourself. Think about it this way, if you couldn’t access the artist in the same way, if you had to purchase a CD in order to hear the music that you loved, then you would do so. No questions, no second guessing. You would be supporting that artist in doing so the only way you could. Supporting Matthew is one purpose of this project.

There is no money that gets sent to iTunes, there’s no money that CD Baby eats up, it’s all 100% to feed that bird who sang and played his heart out to his fans several nights in Second Life. This CD isn’t just a few tunes cut and slapped down to download, it’s over 7 hours of music.

If you don’t like Matthew’s music, I can understand not making the purchase. Not making the purchase because you can capture future streams yourself, that’s not supporting the artist who you claim to be a fan of.

Craving something spicy? Virtual Hot Wings released!

Quite the Team!

Photo taken by C.C. Chapman

Two weeks ago I started a conversation with a ninja (Christopher Penn, to those of you who don’t know) in Second Life who had broken into the treehouse to listen to a live stream of Matthew Ebel/Hali Heron in concert. The result? Virtual Hot Wings, a landmark fan created and released album of Matthew’s Second Life tour, is now available for download. This brilliant piano man gives himself to his fans each time he puts his fingers on the keyboard and does it so well.

Unlike buying an album from CD Baby or iTunes, which then take a cut from the sale, this album entirely benefits Matthew, 100% of all proceeds are instantly paid to him!

With the assistance of C.C. Chapman and crayon (read the press release here), this release has the power to change the way that the music industry works. The record labels and the RIAA have a whole lot of catching up to earn the love and loyalty of the fans the way that Matthew has.

Join the live concert by Matthew on tomorrow from 11 AM – 1 PM SLT (2-4 EST) at the Coke’s Virtual Thirst Pavilion. You can purchase a copy of the CD during the concert! I’ll see you there!

Don’t forget to digg or tweet this to the world, spread the word and show the RIAA what it means to be a fan! (All multimedia on this release can be found here.)


Call chelpixie from your phone!

voice chat in SL

Soon, voice chat will be available to users on the main grid. This has been heralded as a wonderful change to the Second Life experience and indeed even said to be making history.

I know you’ve probably read blog posts and speculation about how this is going to affect the users in Second Life. I’m going give you one more.

Several times over the last couple of months I’ve been invited into Skype chats. My initial reaction to joining a group chat with Daphne, Tamara, BucketJen, and Crap was “I’m going to suck at this so bad they’ll never want to talk to me again”. It’s not about my voice, what? I’m going worry about a sweet honey-dripping Southern accent coming across the line? Um, no.

(Though I’m not that thrilled with Chel Pixie sounding that way…hmmm…another point there to explore.)

No, this cuts into communication in SL and the cut could run pretty deep. Making a choice to voice chat or text chat will cut some people that you’re communicating out of the loop when they make a decision which to use. Let’s face it, no one is going through the trouble of typing what they are speaking.

Another thing working against voice is that it does not take into consideration those who wouldn’t be able to hear the voice chat. I’m sure there are several people in SL who are deaf and hard of hearing. Voice chat at events won’t help them feel comfortable because they’ll be left in the text only conversation.

What is the solution to this? How do we make up for the inevitable disconnect that some will feel? Make events non-voice? Specify which they’ll be….? I’m curious to find out the damage that it’ll do to communications and how people who choose (or can’t) make out in text chat while voice in going on around them. Some are going to feel left out and discouraged.

On the plus side, conveying emotions and thoughts are so much easier being spoken and there is no worry about the context because your voice can be heard. I learned from Howard Rheingold’s Brainstorms community, as a host and a member, that it is very important in text based communication to be specific about what it is that you need to say and how you convey it. That burden will be eased by voice.

Looks for now, like LL has decided to make us wait a little longer to find out what the consequences will be.

bumping foreheads

Tonight we celebrated one grama’s 70th birthday! I had a great time cooking with my stepmom, grilling with dad and wrangling 7 kids while doing so.  My grama turning 70 is amazing. She doesn’t look anywhere near it though the age is showing on her face. She’s an amazing woman and I wanted to shout out a Happy Birthday to her!

One of the most precious moments tonight came when my little brother (little being not really accurate seeing as he’s at least 6’2 and I’m 5’3 and 14 years apart) and I plus the rest of the grandkids got together for my grama to take a photo of us. And this big guy what does he do to his big sister? He bumps foreheads. I don’t remember why we started that or when. Others hug (well we do too) but he and I bump foreheads.

I love that kid.