many thanks…

This is a very important entry for me to write and it’s taken time to get it just right, to say what I want and need to say to those involved in this effort. My grandmother is currently fighting against lung and pancreatic cancer. Relay for Life provided me with an opportunity to do something good and not feel so helpless while she fights for her life. It’s thanks to amazing effort that the fundraiser with Matthew Ebel in dedication to my grandmother was such a success, the generosity of the donations and the words touched my heart in a way that is profound and will stay with me for the rest of my life.

First of all, thank you Matthew for your music, your words, your encouragement to donate, and for providing your time, your effort and your voice for Second Life Relay for Life. I am honored.

A heartfelt thanks to my friend Crap Marnier for his role in the creation of the stage and for helping me with all the tasks barked out to him before the event. Couldn’t have done that without you and wouldn’t want to either.

Thank you Madison and Corey (Jen and Corey in RL) for the time, the stream, and the hosting of this event. The beautiful decorations were provided by my teammates, Mystic and Seaway, to turn the amazing outdoor space into the elegant surroundings which we danced the night away. Thank you so much, girls.

A very special thanks to an anonymous helper that made the evening run more smoothly. Your efforts are appreciated more than you know.

My grandmother and my family have asked me to pass along our heartfelt gratitude to everyone that participated and donated during this event. It cannot be said enough! Every single donation helps, it helps raise awareness, it helps in the fight against cancer and goes towards finding a cure. One day we’ll find a cure… day.

If you’d like to make a donation you can contact me, I can give you a pledge card or you can simply go to this website.

Radar asked me the other day, is Second Life a game? I can honestly say that the connections that I’ve made and the friendships that I’ve formed are stronger because we share a second life in the midst of our first together. I am very lucky to know that there are such wonderful people who care about me and as a result come together for something so very important.


4 responses to “many thanks…

  1. I keep a replica of that nest (with eggs) in my ForeFront Media office to remind me that the best ideas come from creative collaboration. A lit candle under a bell jar, no matter how brightly it burns, will eventually snuff out if kept isolated.

    I should also keep a bucket of Kentucky Fried Heron on the bookshelf to remind me that some of the WORST ideas come from creative collaboration, too. 😉

  2. Hey, thanks a bunch! It was my pleasure. =)


  3. Worst? You’ve gotta be kidding, LS.

  4. Pixie hugs Matthew.

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