#1 explorer and other news…

Woot! I’ve been been back and forth between #1 and #2 explorer the last few days on slstats.com. Sarah Nerd is visiting as many sims a day as I am so I can’t retain it but it’s nice to take Bela’s position for her for a few days. 😉

So what other news? Well my sweet team leader, Seaway Brodsky is the #3 fundraiser in world right now for Relay for Life! Please thank her for all of her hard work on Thursday at the Relay for Life concert on Nowhereville as she continues to push her fundraising efforts to the top! If you’d like to donate in US dollars or know someone that would like to contribute, this is the place to go. (note: the link to the concert is a surl that will take you to the event!) If anyone would like to be reminded about the concert/formal, please email me or IM me in world. I’m going to send out a group notice but they aren’t working well at the moment.

There were some good April Fool’s jokes going around. Crap Mainer (updating: here’s *Crap’s* blog, the other is Laurence’s blog, oopsie me :P) always win the award for cracking me up. Demo Penis boxes on your head are a good way to get a response from people, but the KFH bucket is just far superior an idea. You totally rock. If you like laughing, please go read Laurence’s blog, This Blog Is Full of Crap.


5 responses to “#1 explorer and other news…

  1. Actually, the wind-up midget has his own blog at secondlife.isfullofcrap.com 😉

    I just posted about SoHo’s Night Of Crap there.

  2. You only mentioned two:
    -KFH Bucket during Hali Heron concert
    -Demo Penis boxes at the dance

    There was also:
    -Gomem Decosta’s House of Plaid
    -Every time someone asked for a TP, I’d teleport out somewhere else and TP them to there before control-shift-H back home.
    -Switching teleporters in base of tower to dump people in the water
    -Setting front door script to shut after half a second.
    – Invisible loop-barriers acting like The Club, locking one of the airships in place in case anybody tried to use it.
    -Sideways photos in the VIP lounge (That’s going to be permanent)
    -DST x2 (I guess nobody noticed the fact that I changed all the clocks an hour ahead again for REAL daylight savings time, I guess.)
    -Offering rides on mainland in airship, then derezzing it and saying “POP!”

  3. Is that a part of the same toolset as /drama off ? 😉

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