never ask Crap for building help

[10:14] Chel Pixie: can you help me?[10:14] Chel Pixie: with the house[10:14] Crap Mariner: i built a house made out of FOOD
[10:15] Crap Mariner: do you really want a house made of FOOD?
[10:15] Chel Pixie: no but you can help me find textures
[10:15] Crap Mariner: once again, i have a house made of FOOD from textures i PHOTOGRAPHED after making an effing mess of my KITCHEN
[10:16] Chel Pixie: hmmmm, you have a point
[10:16] Crap Mariner: and, yes, you REALLY ought to copy-paste this conversation in your blog, because this is pure, refined Crap comedy


2 responses to “never ask Crap for building help

  1. you mean it took long enough for you to comment? It’s been here for 5 days.

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