explorer #2 and other SL news…

Beladona informed me today that I am number two on the explorer list at slstats.com. woot! Yeah yeah, I know it’s only cause I’m off work right now. *thbppppppt*

Tonight was the Masquerade Ball for the Dixie Relay Rebels team. We danced quite a lot to different types of music, DJ’ed by Dee Star. Our fundraising totals now stand at a whopping L$305, 393! We’re in 6th place in our fundraising efforts. If you haven’t take a moment and donate now at the Nowhereville Kiosk.

Friday Night is my normal hostessing gig (and the DJ October Brotherhood will be there so long as his head comes outta the clouds) at the Silver Dollar Saloon at 7 SLT so stop on by if you like to line dance and be rowdy. But before that, get back into the 60s at Bucket Beach for the Flower Power at 6 PM SLT.

Starr Singer and Jeffy Tully are having a benefit concert to help the Dixie Relay Rebels raise money for Relay for Life on April 1 from 2-4 PM SLT at Dixie Land Estates. Be sure to come out and show your support while listening to the hottest country musicians in SL.

(Yes, I’m announcing it again.) Coming up on April 5th is an event that I am thrilled to announce. Bucket Beach will be hosting an excellent singer/songwriter Matthew Ebel at Cubo Club out on the patio! Come and join us at 7 pm SLT for some awesome music while we dress up in our formals Old Hollywood style.

A special thank you goes out to Madison Carnot and Corey Akula for the space and the time on Bucket to host this event. A very special thank you Matthew for agreeing to play this event for the Dixie Relay Rebels.


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