another event!

I am in the midst of planning another Relay for Life event. More details as dates become solid. In the meantime, mark your calendars for an excellent musical performance by the one and only Hali Heron (Matthew Ebel) on April 5th, 7 PM SLT at Cubo Salsa Club Patio on Bucket Beach. Old Hollywood formal is the theme and we’ll be having a blast, dancing the night away, and possibly a prize or two; all while raising money for a great cause!

In the meantime, go to and listen to some fabulous music!


2 responses to “another event!

  1. Nest 1.0 is ready. Nest 1.1 can be built pretty fast… uses a torus.

    Working on designing Nest 2.0 out of individual bent twig prims.

    I’m using a stack of coffee stirrers to model it and will photograph my model when I’ve made progress.

    That’s me… trying to get into the brain of a bird. The bird-brain.

  2. woot! I need to see this in action. Thanks for being my minion or sidekick or partner in bird crap.

    hmmmmmmmm. yeah, okay.

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