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never ask Crap for building help

[10:14] Chel Pixie: can you help me?[10:14] Chel Pixie: with the house[10:14] Crap Mariner: i built a house made out of FOOD
[10:15] Crap Mariner: do you really want a house made of FOOD?
[10:15] Chel Pixie: no but you can help me find textures
[10:15] Crap Mariner: once again, i have a house made of FOOD from textures i PHOTOGRAPHED after making an effing mess of my KITCHEN
[10:16] Chel Pixie: hmmmm, you have a point
[10:16] Crap Mariner: and, yes, you REALLY ought to copy-paste this conversation in your blog, because this is pure, refined Crap comedy


woot! Daphne and Tamara get ready to break your bank!

Get your pocketbooks ready, girls (and guys I hope). Daphne and Tamara are getting closer to starting their podcast, Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara! It’s *not* an exaggeration, these two have taken me shopping numerous times and I always find high quality items!

Be on the lookout for this excellent duo as they start their foray into the podcast world! If you have any recommendations of shops or designers, email them!

7 song blog tag!

I’ve been tagged by Karen AKA mrsb AKA Kaye to share my favorite songs and then tag people to do the same. This came to me by way of Aidan Hatch, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn & Karen Cardoza.

I am a very unusual mix of child who loves country music but loves almost everything introduced to me. My favorites today may not be my favorites tomorrow. They change without notice a lot of the time. My absolute favorite artist is one Matthew Ebel, if you can’t tell by the number of times I’ve mentioned his music and his name and website on this blog. That said….lemme get my list out.

My number one favorite happens to be the favorite of mrsb. Song is brilliant, vocals are absolutely amazing.

I love this song because not only is another song with amazing vocals but it is one that speaks out to me like no other.

This song especially gets my wishes across for the people in my life that I care about. If you are my friend, this song applies to you.

This song was mentioned to me by someone else and I have it stuck in my head now, in a good way. The music is awesome.

Howie has never failed to capture my attention. If you haven’t heard this guy, he totally rocks and puts himself out there for every song. He can totally wow with vocals (though really I prefer Matthew’s.)

I know that the Chicks have stirred up some controversy in recent years but they stick to their ideals and speak their minds and there isn’t anything wrong with that ever in this country. That said, Lullaby is my favorite on their new album Taking the Long Way. Lullaby is a gentle song that is beautiful and touching. I first heard it on Medium before I bought the album and then I grabbed it right after Medium was finished. (song is only available free to listen at youtube)

This song…still makes me weepy listening it almost a year later.

Hm, so only two country songs made the list. I guess the Chicks are still considered country since they did take home several CMAs. My music tastes vary quite a lot. I’m sure that most would be surprised by some of the things that I have in my iTunes playlist. Oh and I want to mention Big & Rich’s Rollin’. That song rocks. Favorite line? “I’m a crazy son of a (bad word).” Hehe.

(Disclaimer: These songs aren’t in order of most favorite though Matthew’s “I Know You’re There” does top the list.)

I tag BucketJen, BucketCorey, Goddess and Banana, Daphne, Tam and Laurence.

what’s going on today in my Second Life…

If you haven’t checked it out yet, just take a moment to tp over and see some cool designs by the newly graduated students of TUi. I went looking for something specific so I was disappointed. I guess I will have to ask someone to design a necklace with an infinity symbol as the charm. There is some lovely stuff so please check it out.

If you’re ready to hear Hali play again, raise your hand! /raises hand. Me me me! Well he’s playing tonight at SoHo at 6 PM. You know where I’ll be!

And also tonight if you wanna attend a beach party by chance, you can head over to the SDS and show off your bikinis in anticipation of summertime. That starts at 5 PM SLT. Sounds like a lot of fun but I’m likely to be at Hali’s concert. 😉

Oh and this is sorta SL related but check out Twitter. I promise you’ll get addicted. Hee.

/crossing fingers for a certain boy to beat his record!

explorer #2 and other SL news…

Beladona informed me today that I am number two on the explorer list at woot! Yeah yeah, I know it’s only cause I’m off work right now. *thbppppppt*

Tonight was the Masquerade Ball for the Dixie Relay Rebels team. We danced quite a lot to different types of music, DJ’ed by Dee Star. Our fundraising totals now stand at a whopping L$305, 393! We’re in 6th place in our fundraising efforts. If you haven’t take a moment and donate now at the Nowhereville Kiosk.

Friday Night is my normal hostessing gig (and the DJ October Brotherhood will be there so long as his head comes outta the clouds) at the Silver Dollar Saloon at 7 SLT so stop on by if you like to line dance and be rowdy. But before that, get back into the 60s at Bucket Beach for the Flower Power at 6 PM SLT.

Starr Singer and Jeffy Tully are having a benefit concert to help the Dixie Relay Rebels raise money for Relay for Life on April 1 from 2-4 PM SLT at Dixie Land Estates. Be sure to come out and show your support while listening to the hottest country musicians in SL.

(Yes, I’m announcing it again.) Coming up on April 5th is an event that I am thrilled to announce. Bucket Beach will be hosting an excellent singer/songwriter Matthew Ebel at Cubo Club out on the patio! Come and join us at 7 pm SLT for some awesome music while we dress up in our formals Old Hollywood style.

A special thank you goes out to Madison Carnot and Corey Akula for the space and the time on Bucket to host this event. A very special thank you Matthew for agreeing to play this event for the Dixie Relay Rebels.

Bum Rush the Charts NOW!


another event!

I am in the midst of planning another Relay for Life event. More details as dates become solid. In the meantime, mark your calendars for an excellent musical performance by the one and only Hali Heron (Matthew Ebel) on April 5th, 7 PM SLT at Cubo Salsa Club Patio on Bucket Beach. Old Hollywood formal is the theme and we’ll be having a blast, dancing the night away, and possibly a prize or two; all while raising money for a great cause!

In the meantime, go to and listen to some fabulous music!