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TheNines comes to Second Life

This afternoon, Director John August will step into Second Life, a whole new world, to speak to the press and answer questions on his upcoming movie The Nines.

Metaversatility is managing the event and the game that is making its way through new media and with clues that lead to places in RL and in SL.

Interesting concept that blends real life and Second Life, plus a movie you will not want to miss, join this event by teleporting directly to here in Second Life or IMing Peter Newell for enterance to the event!

[SL] L$32,069,017!

The’s the number. For the year 2007, Second Life’s Relay for Life raised the rough equivalent of US$130,000. Each donation, each penny, made it happen and takes the research one step closer.

While Relayers made their rounds on the track, some excellent music was played, survivors were honored and hopes were offered. Some musicians remarkably offered to match if donations reached a certain number while they played. One friend, asked for donations to reach L$150,000 on one kiosk and he would lay down L$100,000 on top of it. A few seconds later and it was well past the $L150K mark. It was a remarkable moment.

Later that evening as I took the track while the last band played, I was drowsy and worn out, I received a Skype call from Ed Roberts who made me laugh and put up with my bad sense or humor for a few “miles”. IMs were crazy to manage I found, but all of the people who kept me talking that night, thank you. Beautiful effort was made on the team sites to make them entertaining to bounce through, aye, because I pogo’ed the entire track. I won’t mention specific sims here, that’s already been done, but excellent job builders and thanks for the remarkable views.

By the end of the walk I was wide awake again, so I hung out the Spin Martin/Eric Rice for a while and let me tell ya, that guy has lots of strange vehicles in Second Life. Even smacked me into a wall a time or two, much I’m sure, to his amusement. Part of what’s so great about working with Spin on any project is that he gives you something and then believes that you’ll handle it. If you have a problem, he’ll come to your rescue. He will keep you going when you get tired. In complete awe how that man never seems tired. Managing the stages with him and with Fleep was great fun and laughter. Two great people, steady fun, commitment to getting things done and making things flow with ease. Thanks you two for making it so much fun.

The next day was pretty effortless, some morning bands, Relayers still racing. DrFran was still on the track and pushing herself to more laps. She did a remarkable job pushing herself to stay on the track and compete for the most laps.

And when the time came, the closing ceremonies began and we listened to the tallys, we applauded each others efforts and celebrated the excellent job well done by everyone. Once the fireworks started, everyone was very ready to celebrate! Parties erupted and fireworks followed. It was a beautiful celebration.

To those who made donations on the real life donations page, Christopher Penn, Becky McCray and geORge Brett, in memory of your loved ones, thank you. If you’d like to donate, the page is still up and accepting donations, http://todayisave.com/alife or http://www.helpingthecause.com. Thanks to Chris Penn and C.C. Chapman for donating these urls for easy connecting.

And a special thank you to the Buckets, Corey Akula donated 10% of his DJing tips from Bucket parties to Relay!

If you took one moment to help during this year’s RFL at my request, you know who you are, thank you. It means a lot me that you have donated your time and your effort. I look forward to working with you again and eagerly anticipate the 2008 Relay for Life.

(For photos you can visit, http://www.flickr.com/chelpixie)

[RL] 8 things continued for Mr. Brogan

I decided to write 8 more things about me because Chris Brogan also tagged me. I previously answered this meme when tagged by MrsB aka Karen Cardoza. But hey, Brogan is a hero of mine so I’ll answer any question he wants to ask, if I can.

– Before Virtual Hot Wings, I felt stuck in Arkansas and much like I couldn’t make a difference from there in anyone’s life. Add a little marketing, a little ninja, a new business, great clients, wonderful community and poof! Confidence! Achievement! I’ve changed so much over the last two-three months that my best friend was shocked when we had a phone conversation a couple days ago. Thank you, Chris, Matthew, C.C. and Brogan!

– I have a habit of saying thank you to people when I’ve connected with them or when they’ve touched my life in a way that changes it. I appreciate each touch, each change and think that people should know the effect that they’ve had on me.

– I’m hyperfocused. I get attached to projects emotionally. It helps me to be good at what I do but also affected by the outcome. That can be both good and bad at times.

– My goal in the next 5 years is to be front and center on the new media and music marketing stage. I believe that extending my ability to create fast and interesting media and connecting with many people on a personal level are the keys. I’m great at connecting, just need to focus it. And gather more tools for creating the means

– Almost daily I look at the clock at exactly 9:11. Strange but true. I am slightly superstitious but not about every little thing.

– I hate needles. I abhor needles. If given a choice I will not get a shot or blood drawn. I refuse to have my finger poked with those tiny needles. Nope.

– I have a thing for superheroes. Superman, Wonder Woman or just Heroes. Superheroes rock.

– I like to read. I started at age 3 and spent most of my early life as a bookworm. My favorites varied between classics and Sweet Valley High, Nancy Drew.

– When I want to recharge, I go out to dinner with a friend or crank up “Working Sunday” by Dorado Sound. Nothing like dancing around in private to change the mood.

Hmmm. Who to tag this time around? How about Neil, Chris, Matthew, Peter and Clarence, if they haven’t been tagged already!

Relay for Life in Second Life starts Saturday!

Saturday comes Relay for Life in Second Life after months of fund raising by some remarkable teams. It’s the last day to donate and make a difference.

Donations in the past led to the HPV vaccine which will lead to the prevention of cervical cancer. $20 today could save the life of your mother, child, or best friend tomorrow.

  1. Donate! Go to the surl below to donate in L$. If you would prefer to donate in USD, you can do so here.
  2. Spread the word! Tell everyone you know that SL RFL is happening tomorrow and encourage them to spread the word.
    • Email your friends!
    • Join the Facebook group and invite others to come as well!
    • Blog about it on your blog!



Click to Donate!

[RL] Fighting for New Orleans

2 years.

That’s how long it’s taken our country to forget about New Orleans and the 9th Ward. To erase from our minds what happened when Hurricane Katrina with all its force took down a city so rich in culture and full of history and made it a swamp. In a heartbeat, thousands of people were left homeless. With some kind of luck, the Hurricane didn’t take the lives of as many feared.

Earlier tonight Chris Penn posted a little map on his blog showing how the 9th Ward looks now. How little progress that has been made is shocking.

People have forgotten, Americans have forgotten what it was like to watch people standing on their roofs waiting for rescue. To hear the stories and see the horrifying evidence that our country was a failure at meeting the needs of its citizens in a major city during a crisis that was *anticipated*.

When are we going to learn? When are Americans going to learn to stop being refocused by the media, to stop forgetting about things that have scarred our hearts and start fighting for answers?

Has anyone noticed that Katrina isn’t even a major issue for Presidential candidates? No one is asking questions. Take a look at Hillary Clinton‘s website. See, there, under issues? Nothing on Katrina. Go visit Barack Obama‘s website. Issues? Katrina? Nope. But the #2 thing? Strengthing American ties overseas. Hm. Could it be that showing other countries that we care about our own might help that?

What if several organizations got together and invaded New Orleans at the same time? What if we together brought the media to New Orleans around election time? What if they couldn’t ignore the questions anymore a month to two weeks before the election?

Are you willing to help? How?

Podcamp New Orleans.

Since the mention of Podcamp New Orleans I’ve been excited that sometime soon in the future my community will choose to make a difference. We’ll stand in New Orleans and get the stories that should be told and make sure that they are heard. We can only do this *together*.

I’m tired of no answers. I’m tired of inaction. I suspect people in the 9th Ward are more tired than any of us.

Instead of being tired, I’m going to take action. A friend told me a few weeks ago that many people are willing to stand up but sometimes not as many are willing to take action to make something happen. I want to take action. I want to make a difference during Podcamp New Orleans. I want YOU to make a difference, too. I want you to consider that your time and effort could affect a huge change in one person’s life by the time that weekend is over.

I know my community can stand up, question is, are you willing to take action?

[RL] Prince, the Mail, and his free release

Say what? Prince is releasing free copies of his CD in the Sunday Mail?

Fans love this kind of stuff. People in general love *free* stuff. It’s free *Prince*. Drop “shipping” your CD to thousands of people at no cost to them and they just might give a listen. They might fall in love with the music (and even purchase tickets to a fall tour as a result ;).

The ERA’s co-chairman Paul Quirk made a comment to the press about the paper/CD release:

“The Artist formerly known as Prince should know that with behaviour like this he will soon be the Artist Formerly Available in Record Stores,” he said.

“It is an insult to all those record stores who have supported Prince throughout his career. It is yet another example of the damaging covermount culture which is destroying any perception of value around recorded music,” Quirk told a music conference in London.

I’m with indiemusician.com, whose music is this again? Prince’s music not in record stores? Cold day in hell anyone?

I’ve said it before, the fans are what make the music successful. This inspires confidence that Prince cares about his fans. Inspiring that confidence is gold. If he/they can do that and bypass the machines of the RIAA and the ERA? Brilliant.

Inspiring fans creates publicity, publicity creates curiosity, curiosity creates new fans. If there’s anything that we’ve learned from the iPhone hype it should be that the right publicity can inspire joy in a product. Inspire the kind of joy that makes someone sleep with their newly purchased iPhone in hand….that’s marketing genius. Tap into that publicity for a CD release? Hello success.

Both associations and record labels need to put aside their old way of doing things and embrace new media and fast. Unless they innovate themselves instead of wasting time getting angry, they will soon find themselves obsolete.

P.S. Thank you Prince for standing up and making some noise.